November – Grant’s Breeder Farm

by Nov 6, 2023

Grant's Breeder farm - kars, NB


For November’s farm of the month feature, we are delighted to introduce Grant’s Breeder Farm, a remarkable family-owned agricultural enterprise that has been captivating the hearts of locals for nearly two decades. The farm was founded in 1957 by Gilbert’s grandparents, and was later passed down to Gilbert and his wife in 2004. This farm’s story is a testament to dedication, hard work, and a deep-rooted passion for farming. Located in a picturesque countryside setting, Grant Family Farm has evolved from its humble beginnings, becoming a multifaceted source of high-quality agricultural products for the community.

From fresh eggs to dairy milk, feed production, and pullets for neighboring farms, this farm offers a diverse range of commodities that reflect the tireless efforts of the Grant family.

Stacy’s upbringing on a dairy farm in Midland, NB, and Gilbert’s childhood spent on his grandparents’ farm laid the foundation for their deep-rooted passion for farming. They find immense satisfaction in witnessing the growth and transformation of their livestock and the involvement of their children in the farming journey.

For aspiring farmers, their advice is to learn from experienced farmers, ask questions, and persevere through challenges. Farming is an ongoing learning process.

While not operating a farm store, Grant’s Breeder Farm offers farm-fresh eggs in the spring-fall seasons from their egg fridge. They also provide feed in one-ton increments for bulk orders and ready-to-lay hens through trusted suppliers and local feed stores.

The farm’s commitment to quality, sustainability, and their enduring passion for agriculture makes it a special place for the community to enjoy the finest in agricultural products. Join them in celebrating their legacy and experiencing the freshness they have to offer. Thank you for being a part of the Grant Breeder Farm story.

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