Workforce Development Strategy

This New Brunswick agricultural workforce development plan was spearheaded by the Agricultural Alliance of New Brunswick and developed by consulting team comprised of Jupia Consultants Inc., Mellor Murray Consulting and Viminio Recherche et Analyse inc. A steering committee made up of industry stakeholders provided oversight and guidance into the development of the plan.

VISION: Work collaboratively towards ensuring the industry has a strong pool of talent to meet both the seasonal demand and year-round labour demand in the years ahead.

To develop the New Brunswick agricultural workforce development plan, a number of actions were taken including:

  • A survey of more than 100 farmers covering the entire province and each main commodity group.
  • Interviews with over 30 industry, government and education sector stakeholders in New Brunswick and in other provinces.
  • Best practices review of agricultural workforce development initiatives across North America and beyond.
  • A full review of industry statistics provided by Statistics Canada, the Canadian Agricultural HR Council and other organizations.

All of this background research and analysis combined with insight from the steering committee led to the development of the New Brunswick agricultural workforce development plan below.