Farm Business Registration

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a member of the Agricultural Alliance of New Brunswick?

You can join the Agricultural Alliance by completing the Province of New Brunswick’s voluntary Register of Farm Businesses (e.g. Registered Professional Agricultural Producers –RPAP) application form. Once registered, you automatically have access to government programs such as fuel tax exemption cards (Purchaser’s Permit), farm truck plates, and more. All registration fees go directly to help support the work of your industry organization, the Agricultural Alliance, and its advocacy efforts on your behalf. Farmers are also welcome to contact the Agricultural Alliance of New Brunswick at (506) 452-8101 for assistance in joining.

I already belong to a commodity board. Why do I need to join the Alliance?

While commodity boards govern issues relating to specific commodities, the Agricultural Alliance is your voice with all levels of government on ALL common farming issues. We ensure your voice and concerns are heard by key government decision-makers, advocating on your behalf and working proactively to improve programs and policies and preventing implementation of those with the potential to negatively impact your farm operation.

How do I get my voice heard on an issue?

Because we work for you, we want to hear from you. A grass-roots organization, the Alliance receives its mandate directly from New Brunswick farmers. Farmers who join the Agricultural Alliance can attend any of the regular regional meetings to raise issues of concern. You can also contact any of the members of our board of directors. Or you can simply call, write or email the Agricultural Alliance office staff with questions or concerns.

How do I become more actively involved in the Agricultural Alliance?

The Agricultural Alliance is farmers working for farmers and we encourage members to become actively involved in their organization. Members who want to do so can contact the Agricultural Alliance office directly.