June – MOWI Atlantic Salmon Farm

by Jun 1, 2023

MOWI Atlantic Salmon Farm - Bay of Fundy

Allene Barrett is the area manager of a group of Atlantic salmon farms in the Bay of Fundy, including this farm in Harbour de Lute off the coast of Campobello Island, New Brunswick. She has been a part of the aquaculture industry since 1983. Under the ownership of Mowi, the farm consists of 12 net pens and a state-of-the-art feeding system. With a dedicated team of nine individuals working on-site and at the nearby Man O War farm, Allene and her team ensure round-the-clock monitoring using underwater cameras to maintain the health and well-being of their fish. The farm’s longevity is a testament to its exceptional location for Atlantic salmon cultivation.

Allene’s late husband, Wayne, who was an assistant manager at a farm in Back Bay, introduced her to the sector. He proposed the idea of working on a salmon farm, feeding and caring for the fish. She eagerly accepted the opportunity, and now, three decades later, she finds great joy in her career in aquaculture.

The most satisfying aspect of salmon farming for Allene is working with the dedicated saltwater team. Each team member plays a vital role and takes immense pride in growing high-quality salmon in an environmentally sustainable manner, all while meeting the increasing global demand for seafood.

For those interested in entering the field of salmon farming, Allene would advise exploring the diverse range of opportunities available. The industry requires various areas of expertise, including farming, science, biology, research, veterinary medicine, and accounting, to name a few. With the ever-growing demand for seafood, particularly Atlantic salmon, and the continuous evolution of the industry, salmon farming offers a rewarding career path with exciting prospects.

New Brunswickers can purchase their Atlantic salmon products from numerous local grocers, seafood suppliers, and major retailers. Mowi’s commitment to providing high-quality, sustainably farm-raised salmon ensures that consumers can enjoy their products with confidence.

When it comes to preparing Atlantic salmon, Allene’s favourite method involves adding a combination of olive oil, salt, pepper, minced garlic, Italian herb seasoning, and a touch of lemon. Baking it in the oven creates a delicious and flavourful dish that showcases the natural flavour of the salmon.

Allene and her team are proud to be sustainably farming the ocean in Atlantic Canada and contributing to meeting the global demand for seafood. They invite the public to explore and enjoy the fruits of their labour while supporting the local industry.


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