August – Cooke Aquaculture

by Aug 1, 2023

Cooke aquaculture - Simpsons island, nb

Welcome to one of Cooke Aquaculture’s salmon farms, nestled near Simpsons Island, New Brunswick, in the breathtaking Bay of Fundy. With a history spanning over 30 years, this farm was established by a family from Deer Island and stands as one of the earliest salmon farms in the region. This site has eight cages, each housing approximately 28,000 salmon. The journey of these salmon begins in freshwater hatcheries on land, where they develop into smolts before being transferred to the ocean farms, where they thrive until reaching market size, typically within 18 months.

The farm’s manager, Josey Brown, has two decades of experience dedicated to fish farming. Her journey began in fish processing plants on Deer Island, which ignited her passion for aquaculture. Since 2018, she has skillfully overseen operations at the Simpsons Island site, taking pride in supporting the fish’s growth by ensuring their health and well-being.

For Josey, the most fulfilling part of salmon farming lies in the moment of harvest, observing the fruits of their labor as they see the healthy and sizeable fish they nurtured with care.

Aspiring salmon farmers are encouraged to explore the diverse opportunities within this innovative and growing sector in Atlantic Canada. From ocean farms to hatcheries, research labs, processing plants, or administrative roles, there are various paths to follow.

Josey’s favorite way to prepare Atlantic salmon is to make kebobs with a delightful dry rub, complemented by a glaze of melted butter and maple syrup.

New Brunswickers can delight in the Bay of Fundy’s fresh salmon produce by purchasing the delicious, healthy and sustainable farmed salmon at most grocery stores, or online at truenorthseafood.com.


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