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October 26, 2022

New Brunswick Environmental Farm Plan launches new website

Fredericton, NB: The New Brunswick Environmental Farm Plan (NBEFP), administered through the Agriculture Alliance of New Brunswick, has launched its new website https://www.efpnbpfe.ca/home that provides New Brunswick producers access to a digital version of their farm plans. The NBEFP is a self-assessment tool used by producers to analyze environmental strengths and weaknesses on their farm. Producers are encouraged to create action plans, which will create sustainable solutions for their farms.

The New Brunswick Environmental Farm Plan website makes assessments easier to access online. This new online version allows a producer to use various devices, from computer to tablet to smart phone. The benefits include storing and retaining the documents in one place, which significantly reduces the time needed to review and refer to the plan. The website also allows for the mitigation of lost hard copy plans. Producers will still have access to services and support from the NB EFP team. The services provided are free of charge to all NB producers regardless of membership association.

The New Brunswick Environmental Farm Plan team collaborates with CCNB – INNOV, which reviews plans as the third party reviewer. The New Brunswick Soil and Crop Improvement Association also provides delivery of the NB EFP to its members across the province.

The online New Brunswick Environmental Farm Plan solution was created, in part, to more efficiently address a demand in certain agricultural sectors where a valid EFP certificate is now required. These sectors include dairy through proAction, a national quality assurance program for the Canadian dairy sector, as well as contract potato producers for McCain Foods. New Brunswick producers with a valid EFP certificate are eligible to apply to funding programs that support the implementation of Beneficial Management Practices (BMPs) that may help make their operations more sustainable.

The Canadian Agricultural Partnership, a $3 billion five-year (2018-2023), investment by federal, provincial and territorial governments to innovate, strengthen and grow Canada’s agriculture and agri-food sector, funds the NB EFP. This includes a $2-billion commitment that is cost-shared 60 per cent federally and 40 per cent provincially/territorially for programs that are designed and delivered by provinces and territories.

This new website is one of many initiatives by New Brunswick Environmental Farm Plan to support sustainable agriculture practices across the province. The NB EFP team has also launched a Facebook page @EFPNBPFE, as a one-stop shop for questions and regulations concerning EFPs. NB producers are encouraged to visit the page for information about EFP services, workshops and updates.


“As Canadian agriculture faces the climate crisis, we continue to provide access to information that makes our producers more resilient. Placing the New Brunswick Environmental Farm Plan online will help farmers choose the best management practices that will have the greatest impact on their farms.”
The Honourable Marie-Claude Bibeau, Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food

“Farmers are utilizing digital tools and mobile devices more and more for their day-to-day management practices. I am pleased to see this new website will make it easier for producers to create and access a digitized version of their Environmental Farm Plan. The agriculture sector is important to New Brunswick’s economy, making it crucial to support those who make their livelihood farming and to ensure an environmentally sustainable and competitive agriculture industry.”
Agriculture, Aquaculture and Fisheries Minister Margaret Johnson

“The New Brunswick Environmental Farm Plan is essential if we want sustainable agriculture practices to continue and flourish in this province for generations to come. The new website makes NB EFP’s assessment more accessible to both current producers and new entrants alike. It also makes collecting and storing the data regarding the Environmental Farm Plan straightforward “
Christian Michaud, President, Agriculture Alliance of New Brunswick

For more information on the NB EFP, please contact:
Likhita Potluri
Environmental Farm Plan (EFP) Coordinator


Agricultural Alliance of New Brunswick
Phone: (506) 452-8101