New Brunswick Programs & Services

Regional Economic Growth through Innovation

The Regional Economic Growth through Innovation (REGI) program creates the right conditions to start and grow businesses in Atlantic Canada.

Atlantic Innovation Fund


The Atlantic Innovation Fund (AIF) helps researchers and innovative businesses team up to develop new products and services and put them on the market.

Business Development Program - ACOA

 The BDP provides access to capital in the form of interest-free, unsecured, repayable contributions, to help you set up, expand or modernize your business.

Community Business Development Corporations

Assist in the creation of small businesses and in the expansion and modernization of existing businesses by providing financial and technical services to entrepreneurs.

Cranberry Industry Development Program

This program will provide strategic assistance to New Brunswick cranberry growers for the establishment of higher yielding cranberry varieties or those with improved marketability and to innovate production practices.

Atlantic Agriculture Research and Innovation Initiative

To encourage Atlantic Canadian collaboration and provide financial assistance on research and innovation projects, of mutual benefit, which can lead to improved profitability competitiveness and/or sustainability of the agriculture, agri-food and agri-product sectors in Atlantic Canada.

Honey Bee Industry Development Program

This program will provide strategic assistance to foster the development of the New Brunswick honey bee sector.

Apple Industry Development Program

This program under the Canadian Agricultural Partnership will provide strategic assistance to the New Brunswick apple industry.

Mitigation, Prevention, Occupational Health and Safety

To support the New Brunswick agriculture industry to prevent accidents and promote occupational safety on farms as well as to identify, manage, protect and mitigate emerging risks to crops and livestock.

Agriculture Loan and Loan Guarantees

Provides repayable loans and loan guarantees to promote development of the agriculture sector as a complementary lender.

AgriInvest Program

Helps producers protect their margin from small declines or provide funds for investment to reduce risks or improve profitability. The program is delivered by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada for New Brunswick producers.

Environmental Trust Fund

The Fund provides assistance for action-oriented projects with tangible, measurable results, aimed at protecting, preserving and enhancing the Province’s natural environment.

NB Small Business Recovery Grants

Eligible small businesses and employers in New Brunswick who have been impacted by COVID-19 are now able to apply for relief to the provincial government via a one-time grant.

Beef Herd Renewal and Improvement Program

The objective of this program is to grow, renew and improve the New Brunswick beef cow herd.

Beef Rotational Grazing Initiative

The objective is to assist beef producers to adopt or improve rotational pasture management on their farms. Applicant farm operations will be eligible for financial assistance of 50% towards the purchase of rotational pasture infrastructure.

Fruit and Vegetable Industry Development Program

To encourage and support New Brunswick fruit and mixed vegetable producers who want to increase production by providing financial assistance for adopting season extension technologies; enhancing storage capacity; and investing in on-farm equipment to improve efficiencies.

Farm Business Registry

Agricultural producers who register their farming operations may choose to become a member of one of the accredited general farm organizations, and become eligible for various government programs.

Advancing Agri-Food Processing

Support innovation and improvement in efficiency and competitiveness in new and existing agri-food processing companies.

AgriStability Program

Provides assistance when a producer’s current year program margin falls below 70% of the producer’s historical reference margin. For New Brunswick agricultural producers, the AgriStability program is delivered by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Crop Development

The objective of the program is to facilitate the evaluation, adaptation, and transfer of innovative crop production technologies, and implements strategic industry initiatives related to growth, competitiveness and sustainable development to the agriculture and agri-food industry.

Grape Industry Development Program

This program will provide strategic assistance to foster the development of the New Brunswick grape sector.

Farm Land Identification Program

Provides for the deferral of some property taxes on eligible farmland and outbuildings to encourage the preservation of real property for agricultural use.

Environmentally Sustainable Agriculture

The program will assist producers to evaluate the environmental and climate change risks associated with their operations, acquire knowledge and tools to address these risks, provide financial incentives to help them implement solutions and assist them to enhance their land base.

Enabling Agricultural Research and Innovation

Encourage the growth, profitability, sustainability and self-sufficiency of New Brunswick’s agriculture, agri-food, agri-product, agri-science and agri-processing sectors.

Livestock Incentive Loan Program

The Department may guarantee loans to financial institutions for farmers purchasing and raising livestock.

Sheep Handling & Weighing Systems Initiative

The objective is to encourage sheep producers to use efficient animal handling & weighing systems to implement enhanced flock health programs, on-farm food safety programs and/or improve and monitor overall quality of the sheep flock in order to increase sheep flock profitability and safety for the producer.

Agri-Industry Development & Advancement

Funds will be available to support activities related to business development, advancing the crop and livestock sectors, market and product development and agri-land enhancement.