More than 9,000 visitors took part in this weekend’s Open
Farm Day events showcasing agricultural operations in New Brunswick. A total of 28 New Brunswick farms opened their gates to the public this past Sunday.

“With many farms to choose from, the people of New Brunswick got a real taste of what life is like on a farm. It goes without saying that this day would not be possible without the time and hard work put in by farmers  throughout Open Farm Day. It also wouldn’t be possible without the communities and members of the public who attend the event and learn all about the agricultural industry. By getting to know your farmers and how they do things, you can gain an incredible level of respect for the products they make and for the products you bring to your
families every day and that’s something really powerful,” says Christian Michaud, Agricultural Alliance of New Brunswick’s President.

Year after year, the Agricultural Alliance of New Brunswick has made it its mission to connect the public with their local food producers and to showcase New Brunswick’s wide range of exceptional products through the Open Farm Day event. From wines, to apples, to produce, to dairy, and everything in between, guests from across the province were able to visit farms and ask important questions about the local food industry and understand the importance of buying local and supporting the province’s economy. With new farms participating every year, the public had the opportunity to get a glimpse of New Brunswick’s ever-growing agricultural landscape.

As a first time participant, Greg Collette from Backyard Mushrooms in Fredericton, was thrilled to showcase their gourmet mushroom farm to those interested in attending. “We had people in from all around the province who had a keen interest in our process. Our explanation and demonstration of how our mushrooms go from inoculation to their plate was well received and appreciated.” – said Collette.

“At Waldow Farm it was nice being able to see the process they use to milk a large amount of cows. Also my family and I got to witness a live birth of a calf. At Perry Hill Farms it was more of a family farm setting. They had a Christmas tree lot, horses, ponies and goats. They had a hayride to get to the Christmas tree lot and another part of the farm. They also were giving ice cream to the kids. I already started to talk about our experience to other friends and family for next year.” – said Ghislaine Roy, Open Farm Day visitor.

Open Farm Day was a highly mediatized event, utilizing primarily digital advertising such as radio, websites, digital advertising billboards, and social media. The participating farm list was put on the Agricultural Alliance website as well as on their Facebook page. The list also included the farms’ activities and hours of operations. Such activities included demonstrations, tastings, tours, corn mazes, and u-picks.

The event was organized by the Agricultural Alliance of NB and made possible with the support of the Provincial and Federal government under the Canadian Agricultural Partnership and by Farm Credit Canada.

For more information, please contact:

Agricultural Alliance of New Brunswick