February – Local Valley Beef

by Jan 16, 2023

Local Valley beef - Fredericton, New-brunswick

Local Valley Beef is a first-generation enterprise, purchased in 2003. The farm is entirely owned and operated by owners Cedric & Alanda MacLeod, and more recently, their son Kalen MacLeod. Local Valley Beef started as a small grain-oilseeds production model with a small cow-calf operation, but BSE forced the evolution of the cow production model and the farm transitioned to a full grass-fed beef operation. They have since expanded the land base under management from roughly 100-acres to 410-acres.

There are several commodities that are produced on the MacLeod family’s farm including:

– Grass fed beef packages – details here: https://localvalleybeef.ca/shop/
– Hay, silage, and straw bales.
– Small grain seed production: Oats, Fall Rye, Mustard
– Grains and oilseed production: Barley, Winter Wheat, Soybeans
– Custom services: No-till grain and forage establishment.

Cedric started farming professionally in 2003. He grew up with entrepreneur parents, helping raise a few cows, chickens, and pigs for family use. He then began to work on small family-owned plots of land that were unattractive to larger growers, such as those owned by his parents and other relatives, and he continued to use that approach to get where they are today.

The most satisfying part of farming for Cedric and his family is providing high quality food products for sale directly to consumers, receiving positive feedback from consumers about their products, and deploying a soil first production model that ensures increased soil health and resilience over the long-term.

According to Cedric and Alanda, here are a few tips for young greenhorns that are interested in getting into farming.

Find good partners
– Pay attention to finances
– Take the time you think it will take to accomplish a task and double it
– Expect delays and challenges
– Remember that production and marketing are two entirely different tasks and require unique skill sets to achieve effectively.

To find out more about Local Valley Beef or to buy their products, visit https://localvalleybeef.ca/shop/

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