April – Fromagerie au fond des bois

by Apr 3, 2023

Fromagerie au fond des bois - Rexton, NB

Didier Laurent has been the owner of a goat farm/cheese factory for almost 11 years now, called Fromagerie au fond des bois. It’s not a family business, but it will be once his children (who are still too young) take over. Fromagerie au fond des bois is the only goat cheese factory in New Brunswick. Didier would like the public to know that he works alone, and very hard, towards giving his customers the very best products.

Fromagerie au fond des bois produces around 45 different cheese products – including yogurt.

Didier started farming approximately 11 years ago when he moved here, with no prior experience.

The most satisfying part of farming for Didier has been seeing the public appreciate what he does, appreciating his cheese, and also being on the farm, on his land, and seeing the beauty of nature and the calmness.

Here’s a tip from Didier for young greenhorns that are interested in learning more about farming:

Get well-informed before starting and explore all the financing opportunities available from the provincial and federal governments.

Fromagerie au fond des bois is home to a small farm store, but since Didier works alone, it’s rarely open. You can also find their products being sold at the Dieppe, Fredericton, and Bouctouche markets, in grocery stores, and restaurants.

For more information and access to products from Fromagerie au fond des bois, visit https://fromagerie-au-fond-des-bois.business.site/?utm_source=gmb&utm_medium=referral


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