AANB celebrates our farmer’s Superpowers

2019 AGRICULTURE Photo Contest

We would like to thank everyone for their entries in the Ag Superpower Photo Contest. We’ve received some spectacular photos!
Here are the winners of each category.



  • Best Ag Superpower Selfie
  • Use of technology in farming
  • Innovation in farming
  • A farm family in action
  • Favourite farm animal showing their superpower
  • Lavish and impressive landscape

Best Ag Superpower Selfie


“I can magically turn tree sap into delicious maple syrup”

Submitted by Christian & Josée Maillet

Use of Technology in Farming


“We’re able to plant over 7,000 apple trees per day!”

Submitted by Alvin Lavigne

Innovation in Farming


“A snapshot of spirals of soil. We are looking for the next agricultural innovation by studying the brown stuff under our feet #soilquality #soilmatters”

Submitted by Carolyn Wilson

Favourite farm animal showing their superpower


“This was my late father’s favourite horse, Miller”

Submitted by Emmanuel Ouellet

Lavish & Impressive Landscape


“Carleton county NB with the view of the Saint John river in the back ground. In distance, on the left, there is a big rock mountain in the state of Maine. This was our last field in the spring we were getting ready for planting”

Submitted by Andrew Stephenson